Remote Technical Support Services


Wordpress Website Recovery
Wordpress is a targeted platform amongst hackers, im most cases it is not to steal goods or assets but to turn your Wordpress site in to a mail control relay for the purpose of spamming or other illegal or fraudulent activity.

Having this happen can cause severe damage to your domains reputation, the presence of adware & malware is recognised by leading search engines which in turn delist you or stop sending traffic your way, email originating from your site further blacklists your web presence.

The service we offer is firstly to remove infection and lock down, from that point we quickly make changes to security including implementing advanced prevention & protection for the future as cleaning the infection is but part of the requirements prevention is equally important else you will soon find yourself back to square one.

Wordpress Installation & Configuration
If you take the Wordpress route as your websites framework unless you implement a number of security measures you will soon find yourself in trouble, Wordpress is a superb platform as such it is used by millions & therefore very well-known and heavily targeted by hackers around the world.

Our service is to install & configure & most importantly to secure against hackers, most would be surprised to know our design team regularly report attempted hacking intrusion whilst they are in the design stage of a Wordpress site so it really is a problem. Our service it not just to provide a working Wordpress installation but to ensure it remains safe in to the future. We currently offer 1 year free for standard business Wordpress hosting.

Linux Server 1 Hour Support Slot
1 Hour Linux Support Slot. An administrator will connect to your Linux Server to resolve any issue and/or conduct tasks.

1 Hour PC Remote Support Slot.
1 Hour Remote Support Slot. An engineer will connect to your computer (windows only) and resolve any issues you are having. In the event of hardware failure the engineer will advise you as to which part may need replacing this is unusual however as most issues are software related and so can be resolved during a remote connection session.
1st Step. Download and install the support tool from the download section.